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Display Photoresist
Display Photoresist
Key Material for Technology Innovation in Display

Photo resist is a key material that has major impact on the picture quality and performance of LCD and OLED. It is a liquid chemical that reacts to light to form fine and small patterns and it is a product that integrates advanced technologies including semiconductor process technologies, photo-etching technology materials engineering, and fine chemistry. Since successfully mass-producing photo resist materials for the first time in Korea with proprietary technologies, LG Chem has been leading global technologies with high quality products through its unrivaled synthesis/composition/inspection technologies.

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Functions and Structure
[PAC] Acts as insulating film between transparent pixel electrodes and data line in TFT
[Bank/PDL] Acts as insulating film between OLED anode electrodes and cathode electrodes
[Black CS] Combines Black Matrix and Column Spacer
[Black Matrix] Prevents penetration of the liquid crystal array part that activates abnormally in the TFT
[Over coat] Compensates R/G/B pattern alignment and functions as a protective film
[Column Spacer] Maintains uniformity of gaps between upper and lower glass substrates of LCD
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Product Classification
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Category Grade Features Applications Download
Display Photoresist
High Reliability transparent product and black product based on soluble polyimide technologies
OLED Display
Display Photoresist
This new material for COT/COA processes can implement micro patterns
LCD&OLED Display
Display Photoresist
High transparency and excellent chemical resistance
LCD Display
Display Photoresist
A wide variety of products including universal CS, Dual CS, micro pattern CS, etc
LCD Display
Display Photoresist
High optical density BM, micro pattern BM, etc
LCD Display