Compliance Management
In April 2012, LG Chem has appointed the Compliance Officer and introduced the compliance management system by enacting the Compliance Guidelines. The Compliance Officer manages compliance in accordance with the Compliance Guidelines, conducts compliance monitoring on company operations and members, and improves company’s internal practices and behaviors that do not meet the compliance standards.
Compliance Management System
LG Chem’s compliance management system is managed by the Compliance Officer appointed by the BOD. Evaluation on the efficiency of the compliance management system is reported to the BOD annually. To support the Compliance Officer, the Compliance Team has been established under the Legal Department.
Roles and Responsibilities of Compliance Officer · Team
  • Implementation of Compliance Guidelines
  • Establishment and implementation of measures for risk prevention and reduction
  • Implementation of continuous and systematic compliance training
  • Evaluation on efficiency of compliance management system
Improving Compliance Training
LG Chem develops and operates various compliance trainings tailored for different job positions and levels in order to firmly establish a sense of compliance within the company. We also carry out online compliance trainings for all officers and employees more than twice a year. In addition, by enacting and distributing the LG Chem Code of Conduct based on Jeong-Do Management, officers and employees can easily understand and properly respond to risks that may arise in the course of performing their duties.
Prevention of Compliance Risk
LG Chem seeks to minimize risks and fulfill corporate social responsibilities by establishing a compliance culture. Therefore, we strive not only to comply with global standards, but also to manage the compliance of overseas subsidiaries.
In particular, we constantly research and analyze domestic and foreign regulatory trends. Moreover, we conduct compliance monitoring on domestic and overseas business sites through risk evaluation with checklists to ensure the effectiveness of the compliance management system. In addition, when carrying out business activities with risks, the tasks must be discussed in advance with the Legal Department.
Corruption Risk Management
LG Chem does not tolerate any form of corruption or bribery. Our principles in this regard are firm, and LG Chem manages corruption risks by establishing an anti-corruption management system to protect customers’ trust in integrity and honesty.
LG Chem has established and implemented principles, regulations, practice guidelines, and checklists for anti-corruption. All employees are required to complete mandatory anti-corruption training as well as make anti-corruption pledges every year. In addition, LG Chem has established pre and post control procedures including anti-corruption inspection system to manage corruption risks of its internal organizations and business partners. Corruption risk management is designated as an important compliance control activity, and measures are continuously taken to identify and evaluate risks and prevent such risks from occurring.
Executive Message on Anti-Corruption
Prohibition and Prevention of Corruption Regulation