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Electric vehicle battery global leader

The rechargeable battery for automobile is a mid- to large-sized lithium ion battery used to provide power to an electric vehicle. Lithium ions move between the (+)/(-)electrodes to produce electricity.
LG Chem, with the world's first and best electric vehicle battery lineup, is leading the market as a global leader by supplying electric vehicle batteries from BEV to μ-HEV to global automobile companies around the world based on its superior technology.

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LG Chem is the only battery company rooted in the chemical business and is capable of mass-producing high-performance batteries stably.
Material competitiveness
High-capacity anode material |
Mass-produces high-performance batteries
→ Realizes a EV driving distance comparable to internal combustion engine vehicles

Battery separator film with reinforced safety|Nano-ceramic coating reinforces the durability and heat resistance of the batteries
→ Reinforces safety of the batteries in the cell units
Product competitiveness
Cell|High loading and capacity increase are easy: Efficient production of short axis/long axis cells
Module|High degree of freedom in design in terms of the length/width/height: Possible to form modules that are suitable for various pack structures
Pack|Design that maximizes space usability inside the vehicle
· Secures safety through rigidity reinforcement → Meets the pack requirements of vehicle manufacturers
Production competitiveness
Stable production capacity Outstanding safety without risks of accidents from fire or heat
· Sole battery manufacturer that provides for both hybrid and BEVs
· Has the most number of production bases around the world among the global manufacturers
(Korea, China, USA, Europe)
· Has the most production experience among the lithium EV battery manufacturers
→ Has provided more than 200 million cells built in more than 210,000 EVs
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