LG Chem’s R&D Center, the leading hub of next-generation materials and future technologies
At LG Chem, CTO R&D is leading the cultivation of core base technologies and the technology development for new industries. Each division has a research center that carries out fundamental research and develops products for its business. This mechanism allows us to enhance our competitiveness in key technologies while making breakthroughs with next-generation technological innovations.
Base technology and future technology
The R&D organization under the CTO continuously strengthens core base technologies such as material design/synthesis, process, simulation, and analysis/evaluation technologies to enhance the competitiveness of current businesses. It also fosters promising new business opportunities such as eco-friendly and low-carbon materials, energy materials, and high-performance new materials.
Major research areas
  • Base technology material design/synthesis, process technology, simulation, bio/carbon reduction technology, material analysis/evaluation
  • Future technology eco-friendly and low-carbon materials, energy materials, new high-performance materials
Building on the core technologies of polymerization, catalysis, and process technology, the Development Department of Petrochemical Research Institute conducts research to strengthen the competitiveness of existing businesses and develop new products. Through our accumulated development capabilities, we are concentrating our R&D capacity to create high-performance, eco-friendly materials and launch new businesses.
Major research areas
  • High value-added materials polyolefin, styrenics, SAP, synthetic rubber, special resin
  • Catalyst and process technology catalyst development, process technology
  • Future technology CNT, Aerogel
  • Sustainability materials PBAT, PLA, Bio-PA
petrochemicals petrochemicals
The catalyst development department commercialized high value-added polyolefin products by developing our original metallocene catalyst technology. It also became the first in Korea and the fourth in the world to independently develop a catalyst for producing acrylic acid. We are researching and developing catalysts in various fields from base oil to polymer manufacturing.
Major research areas
  • Catalyst development Development of inorganic catalysts, metallocene catalysts, chemical material-based fine chemicals and organic intermediates, and catalytic processes
Petrochemicals Petrochemicals
At the Petrochemicals Company, CS (Customer Solution) provides technical solutions tailored to the customer's eye level, including technical support for product use, development of process reproduction and processing technology for customers, analysis support, and technical training. Beyond Korea, its activities are reaching out to China, the Americas and Europe.
Major research areas
  • Petrochemical products/technologies Polyolefin, PVC, ABS, rubber/special resin (synthetic rubber/latex, MBS, SBS), SAP, CNT, and their application technologies (product design, processing technology, process optimization)
Advanced Materials
Advanced Materials Advanced Materials
The Advanced Materials Company is developing core platform technologies and applied technologies to create market-leading products in e-Mobility and sustainability.
Major research areas
  • Rechargeable batteries High-efficiency cathode materials for rechargeable batteries in electric vehicles, IT devices, and more
  • IT devices OLED materials, OLED films, polarizer materials, semiconductor materials
  • Automotive Engineering plastics for interior, exterior, and parts
  • Sustainability Post-consumer recycled plastics, bio-based materials
Life Sciences
Life Sciences Life Sciences
The LG Chem’s Life Sciences R&D has carried out research in synthetic drugs, biopharmaceuticals, and diagnostic agents to improve the health and welfare of humankind. It has also constantly invested in R&D and focused its capabilities on developing new bioproducts.
Major research areas
  • Synthetic Drugs Metabolic Diseases, Cancers
  • Biopharmaceuticals Biosimilars, Vaccines, Growth Hormones, Osteoarthritis Drugs, Fertility Drugs
  • Diagnostic Agents Molecular diagnostics/Immunodiagnosis