We Connect Science to life for a better future

Our journey so far in pursuit of a better life for humanity

has been a continuous challenge through "connecting science".

  • Our dedication to eco-friendly materials
    for a sustainable future.

  • Our commitment to advanced materials brings the lifestyle
    of the future within reach.

  • Our investment in life sciences paves the way
    for a healthier future for all.

  • From saving lives to protecting our planet,
    Your connection with LG Chem can make a wave of positive change,
    resonating across the world.

  • Connection for a better future Connection for a better future

Connect with Us

We share the company's vision of "creating future values" and wish to work with the company to create a better society.

Digital Transformation, Specialist Kim Seon-min

I want to become a researcher who can suggest where LG Chem will be in 10 or 20 years.

Future Tech R&D Lab, Professional Jeong Yong-bok

I find it rewarding and fulfilling to examine the characteristics of different patient groups and the trends of the times.

Clinical Development Team, Life Sciences Company, Professional Kim Ho-jung

I look forward to continuing to grow with the company and watching the company continue to be an innovator in many spaces.

Legal, RO Filter Subsidiary, Los Angeles, USA, Samantha(Ritter) Park

In LG Chem, I have the freedom to operate as I think it`s necessary to ensure success, making work a very satisfying experience.

Europe Market Development, Frankfurt Sales Subsidiary, Germany, Marc Hartwig

I want to be a member that can propose the direction for LG Chem to become a better company.

NCC Technical Team, Petrochemicals Company, Specialist Choi Mun-jeong

I will do my best to effectively operate our processes and facilities through specialized skills and services, as well as efficient and compliant cooperation with each department.

Engineer, Electrical and Instrument Team, LG Yongxing Chemical Corporation, China, Zhenan Zhao

Connect with Us