Enhancing competitiveness in the global market through continuous investment in R&D
LG Chem has strived to develop core technologies through continuous R&D. As a result, we have developed distinguished new products and processes in petrochemical materials and have led the R&D trends in the Korean chemical industry from advanced materials to sustainability, including lithium-ion secondary batteries. Through such efforts, LG Chem has contributed to Korea’s technological edge and economic development. We continue to focus on performance-driven R&D to obtain advantages over our global competitors.

Highly functional elastomers and plastomers

Developed elastic ethylene polymers using metallocene catalysts
  • Developed and mass-produced the product using the proprietary metallocene catalyst technology for the first time in Korea in 2009
  • The resulting product is a high value-added material that has both the elasticity of rubber and the processibility of plastic
Environment-friendly, super-absorbent resin for diapers (SAP) Environment-friendly, super-absorbent resin for diapers (SAP)

Environment-friendly, super-absorbent resin for diapers (SAP)

Developed sustainable and super-absorbent resin of high quality using the photopolymerization technology
  • Enhanced the sustainability of the product by reducing the amount of chemical residue through photopolymerization and crosslinking density control technology
  • -Obtained high-quality product by enhancing its absorption properties through surface property modifying technology
Aerogel Blanket Aerogel Blanket

High-durability, super-insulating Aerogel Blanket

Development of high-quality Aerogel blanket using supercritical drying method
  • Independently developed mass production technology using supercritical drying method
  • Achieved low dust dispersion and high-performance insulation by strengthening the 3D network structure with the sol-gel process and gel-casting technology
Reverse osmosis filter for water treatment Reverse osmosis filter for water treatment

Reverse osmosis filter for water treatment

Developed high-performance reverse osmosis separator
  • The new reverse osmosis (RO) filter has enhanced the reverse osmosis performance by up to 30% compared to the existing products by applying the world’s No. 1 polymer synthesis and processing technologies and the nano compound reaction technology
  • The RO filter for seawater desalination can remove salt by up to 99.85%, the highest desalination rate in the industry
Ternary (+) electrode materials Ternary (+) electrode materials

Ternary (+) electrode materials

Developed ternary (+) electrode materials for high-capacity and safe lithium-ion rechargeable batteries
  • -Enhanced the capacity of lithium-ion rechargeable batteries and their performance at high temperatures by forming a stable structure of three elements: nickel, manganese, and cobalt
  • -Minimized the volume change during charging and discharging to increase the lifespan of the battery and improve its safety
Zemiglo Zemiglo


Korea’s first new diabetes treatment drug
  • Controls blood sugar levels by increasing the actions of incretin hormones that promote insulin secretion
  • Fewer side effects such as low blood sugar and weight gain compared to other drugs
  • Became the first new Korean drug to reach KRW 100 billion in sales in 2020
Eupolio Eupolio


World’s first attenuated Sabin IPV to receive the prequalification status from the WHO
  • Next-generation inactivated vaccine that has chemically removed pathogenicity using attenuated (weakened) viruses
  • Enhanced stability compared to existing live vaccines