LG Chem aims to connect science, which incorporates accumulated knowledge, technology, and solutions with new insight toward a better future life.
We connect science to life
for a better future
  • Providing value to inspire customers based on their needs
  • Linking organically with various external technologies and capacities
  • Establishing a new identity that encompasses science (knowledge, technology, solutions) beyond chemistry
  • Creating novel innovations that converge knowledge from new fields
  • Connecting products and technologies to diverse parts of life
  • Enriching the lives of customers and, furthermore, humankind.
Better future
  • Leading the construction of a sustainable future
Core Values
  • Customer Focus

    Think of customers as the center of all business and move them with value that can change their lives beyond fulfilling their needs.

  • Agility

    We constantly learn with an open mind and respond flexibly and quickly to change.

  • Collaboration

    Create synergy by actively collaborating on the basis of mutual respect.

  • Passion

    Grow with the company with passion for work and bold challenges.

  • Sustainability

    We provide innovative, distinguished, and sustainable solutions for the environment and society.

슬로건 로고 WeConnectScience

The "C" and "O" from "connect" are linked to embody the infinity symbol (∞),
which represents the creation of infinite possibilities through connecting science with the life of humankind.