Environment, Health & Safety
LG Chem aims to provide environmental-friendly and competitive materials and solutions to increase customer value as we contribute to the sustainable future of our customers. To this end, we have established Eco Product Solution Partner as our vision and are conducting various activities throughout the entire product manufacturing process, from R&D to disposal.
EH&S Management System
LG Chem has built an organized environment, health, and safety management system based on ISO 14001, ISO 45001, and KOSHA-MS. We continue to improve through third-party inspections and management reviews.
Our Environmental Safety Policy establishes the foundation for optimized environmental safety management by publicizing the company’s commitment to environmental safety management and suggesting consistent environmental safety policy directions
  • 1
    We will comply with all applicable EH&S legal requirements and establish leading corporate EH&S rules and best practices.
  • 2
    We will improve our EH&S level continuously by establishing the safety and health system that identifies and improves the potential risks in advance.
  • 3
    We will drive continuous innovation throughout the entire life cycle of operation to supply environmentally-friendly products and services.
  • 4
    We will provide a safe and healthy work environment and ensure the principle-adhering corporate culture.
  • 5
    We will support business partners and local communities to improve their EH&S practices as our social responsibility.
  • 6
    We will communicate our EH&S policies and programs with stakeholders.
LG Chem is carrying out various activities to establish a people-centered safety culture as well as facilities and facilities.
  • Introduction of behavior-based safety (BBS) program
    Change unstable behavior, which causes accidents, into safe behavior through observation and guidance between colleagues. Promote safe behavior through compliments. We minimize health risks by creating a culture of health management through promotion of member health such as comprehensive health screening and psychological counseling
  • Promote the leader’s on-site management activities and each organization’s own safe culture activities to prevent accidents.
  • Strengthen the on-site capability to prevent a recurrence of an accident by reflecting environment safety accidents in the evaluation of employees according to their gravity.
    Workplace Management
    To ensure a safe and comfortable working environment, LG Chem conducts the measurement of hazardous factors through external specialized institutions twice a year. We are reassessing our working environment by establishing internal standards that are stricter than legal standards. Also, by conducting preventive activities for musculoskeletal diseases and self-inspection of local exhaust ventilation, we constantly reexamine our working environment for all members to work in comfortable settings. We will continuously strive to ensure the highest level of safe work environment in the industry.
  • LG Chem’s each business site identifies the needs for Environment, Health & Safetyeducation/training and establishes a yearly education/training plan for its employees and partners.
LG Chem’s each business site identifies the needs for EH&S education, training and establishes a yearly education, training plan for its employees and partners.
  • 1
    Training courses customized for different positions and duties
    Beginner, basic, and professional courses
  • 2
    Training for all business sites and employees
    24 hours for employees and 16 hours for supervisors
  • 3
    Training for new recruits and those whose duties have been changed
  • 4
    Training for workers who conduct special tasks
  • 5
    Regular training programs for the employees of partners
    Safety management/measures, emergency evacuation rules
The EH&S Audit system of LG Chem is subdivided into planned Audit, and special Audit.
  • 1
    Planned Audit
    Safety audit on suppliers , facility safety management, emergency response system and fulfilment inspection.
  • 2
    Special Audit
    On business sites where serious disasters have occurred or there is a likelihood of such
Transforming All Products into Eco-Products
As a global producer of materials and products that are essential for the development of modern industries and convenience of human life, LG Chem is committed to reducing the environmental and health impacts of our products with a heavy responsibility. This effort focuses on the reduction or removal of hazardous substances contained in the product. We are minimizing the adverse effects on the environment and health by managing the content of hazardous substances below the regulatory level in Korea and abroad. We also continue to increase the proportion of eco-friendly products through producing advanced next-generation materials and products and utilizing green energy through developing new future-oriented technologies.”
Establishing eco-friendly product policy
Chemical Stewardship Global Leader
Establishing Chemical Management System
  • Standardization and systemization of chemical substance processing
  • Establishing advanced inspection system for hazard, risks, and compliance
Preemptive Response to Global Regulations
  • Establishing strategy to recognize and respond to domestic and foreign regulatory trends
  • Registering existing substances/new substances
  • Establishing a global network and responding in collaboration
Building Eco-Friendly Product Capacity
  • Eco-friendly supply chain management
  • Eco-friendly product warranty
  • Enhancing eco-friendly partnerships with suppliers
Managing Hazardous Substances
  • 1
    LG Chem strictly checks the controlled substances from the raw materials stage for all products according to the product environmental management guidelines. Based on the risk of hazardous substances, the controlled substances are divided into three categories. The business system was reorganized so that all materials are purchased only after it meets the control guidelines.
  • 2
    We have a system to accept, review, study, and respond to each product’s customer requests for various environmental regulations through electronic approval. Specifically, checking for EU REACH compliance and high-risk substances has been digitalized so that warranty documents that have passed legal reviews can be issued immediately online during sales operations.
  • 3
    Since LG 2010, the information on product components is integrated into ERP with a Bill of Substance (BOS) management system. We are constantly monitoring the inclusion and quantity of hazardous materials for the products we manufacture and sell, and providing aggregated information upon customer request.
  • 4
    We are checking whether MSDS has been received for all chemical substances purchased. Exceptions are clearly recorded through the electronic approval process. MSDS of all materials can be collected, stored, and retrieved 24 hours a day through the computer network, which identifies the hazard and risk of each material.