LG’s Corporate Symbol: “Face of the Future”
The Face of the Future, LG Group’s corporate symbol, represents the face of an energetic young person who constantly challenges and innovates to rise to the top of the world.
The symbol embodies five concepts, including the world, future, youth, people, and technology. The letters L and G are placed inside the circle to signify that people are at the center of LG’s corporate management.
It represents LG’s pledge to engage intimately with our global customers and strive to satisfy their needs.
The logo combines the symbol and the logotype to express LG Chem’s official name. It cannot be used for any other purpose, and the symbol cannot be used by itself.
The logotype represents the official name of LG Chem and cannot be altered under any circumstances.
Color System
The logo must be rendered only in designated colors, LG Red and LG Gray. Under special circumstances, the use of LG Gray, LG Black, LG Silver, and LG Gold is permitted on a limited basis. Other colors cannot be used.
LG Red
Pantone 207C
C0 M100 Y62 K22
R165 G0 B52
LG Gray
C0 M0 Y0 K70
R107 G107 B107
LG Silver
Pantone 877C
LG Gold
Pantone 872C
LG Black
C0 M0 Y0 K100
LG Chem’s corporate logo is protected under trademark law. Any misappropriation or misuse without prior consultation is subject to punishment under relevant laws.