Improving the quality of our lives through state-of-the-art R&D capabilities.
Life science, with outstanding R&D competence and new drugs that have been approved by USFDA for the first time in Korea, is LG Chem’s new growth engine in the mid to long term.
We are aggressively making inroads in overseas markets and expanding pipelines for new drugs through constant investment and reinforcing R&D, with aspirations to become one of the top global pharmaceutical companies.
Sales :2021 ,2022 ,2023
2021 0.8
2022 0.9
2023 1.2

Unit : KRW trillion

  • 2023 Acquired AVEO, a US-based cancer drug company
  • 2022 Applied for global Phase lll clinical trial for Tigulixostat(new dug for gout) with the US
  • 2021 Established a joint venture sales corporation LG Jiansheng Life Sciences in ChinaSucceeded in phase II clinical trial of the new gout drug in the US
  • 2019 Established the Global Innovation Center in Boston, US
  • 2017 Merged with
    LG Life Sciences
  • 2012 Released the first Korean diabetes drug Zemiglo
  • 2003 1st Korean NCE approved by
    USA FDA(Factive)
  • 1996 Won the first prequalification by the WHO with Hepatitis B vaccine Euvax B
  • 1991 Developed World’s first
    4th generation Cephalosporin
  • 1984 Established Pharmaceuticals
    business division
  • 1961 Obtained the drug manufacturing permit
Primary Care Division Primary Care Division
Specialty Care Division Specialty Care Division
Aesthetic Division Aesthetic Division

Toward a World-Class Innovative Drug Developer

  • 5 or more innovative new drugs by 2030
  • Enhanced the quality of new drug pipeline
  • Invest over USD 250mil in annual R&D
  • Strengthening of Open innovation
  • Diabetes, metabolic diseases, cancer, autoimmune diseases
  • Expand new drug pipelines in clinical development stage
  • Expand new drug pipelines in clinical development stage :2023 ,2030
    2023 12EA
    2030 20EA

    Explore Research Preclinical Clinical

  • Accelerate clinical developments and business growth worldwide
  • New tasks for global clinical development
  • Continued growth of AVEO's oncology business in the US
LG Chem Life Science Pipeline

  • Diabetes & Metabolism
  • Oncology & Immunology
  • Cell Therapy
  • Vaccine
  • Aesthetic
  1. Preclinical(4)
  2. Phase I(10)
  3. Phase II(4)
  4. Phase III(4)
  5. NDA(2)
Core Products
Eutropin Eutropin
Hyruan One Hyruan One
Zemiglo / Zemimet SR Tab. / Zemidapa Zemiglo / Zemimet SR Tab. / Zemidapa
Eucept Eucept