World-class materials company fully committed to R&D activities
LG Chem aims to reinforce the competitiveness of its core technologies, increase investment in the next-generation materials and technologies, and develop new growth engines for the future to maintain its position as a world-leader in R&D among materials companies. We also try to pursue harmonious long-term growth in the environment, society, and economy by developing environmentally-friendly technology and products.
R&D Organization
  • Future Technology Research Center
  • Platform Technology Research Center
  • Analytical Sciences Center
  • Petrochemicals R&D
  • CS(Customer Solution) Center
  • Development Department by business unit
    • PO
    • PVC/Plasticizers
    • ABS
    • Acrylates/SAP
    • High Performance Materials
    • Catalyst
Advanced Materials
  • Development Department by business unit
    • Battery Materials
    • IT Materials(Film, General Meterials)
    • Engineering Materials
    • Separator
    • Semiconductor Materials
Life Sciences
  • Drug Discovery Center
  • CMC Research Center
  • Drug Development Center
  • Clinical&Regulatory Affairs Center
R&D Expense / Workforce
LG Chem makes full investment for the future by continuously expanding R&D Expense and increasing R&D Workforce.
- R&D Expense
(unit: 100 million KRW)
See table below
R&D Expense :2016 ,2017 ,2018
2016 7,500
2017 9,000
2018 10,400
- R&D Workforce
(unit: person)
See table below
R&D Workforce :2016 ,2017 ,2018
2016 4,400
2017 4,800
2018 5,300
Intellectual Properties
LG Chem has accumulated a rich reserve of patents and trademarks through strategic management of intellectual property.
Domestic patents and trademarks
Overseas patents and trademarks
(unit: : number of registrations)
See table below
Intellectual Properties :2015 ,2016 ,2017
2015 15,423 19,997
2016 16,739 22,250
2017 19,480 27,496
Management of Intellectual Property
We have strengthened the system to establish patent strategies not only for R&D activities but also for the entire company.
Patent management from basic research to commercialization
From early R&D stage to commercialization, we provide close support for intellectual property personnel to establish strategies for patent acquisition and utilization at each stage.
Open Innovation
We are expanding open innovation in various ways to prepare for the future and secure differentiated technologies in a timely manner.
Global Innovation Contest(GIC)
This program is a platform for research collaboration designed by LG Chem that will be initiated with novel proposals from universities and research institutions from all over the world. The contest theme includes Energy, Environment, Functional Materials, Bio, Platform Technology, as well as other areas that need innovative solutions. The specific keyword for each contest theme is summarized in ‘Contest Theme’ column. Nominees of this contest can earn up to $150,000 each for multi-year research activities and may also have the opportunity to collaborate with R&D teams in LG Chem to realize their proposed solutions. We highly encourage you who have such a novel idea to share with us to apply for this contest.