We are accelerating the advancement toward the future lifestyle by creating high-tech, technology-intensive specialty materials.
With a focus on the market and customers, our specialty material products are increasingly advancing their competitive edge.
We are rapidly developing distinguished materials for rechargeable batteries, the IT industry, and the automotive industry that are instrumental in the e-Mobility and sustainability trends, and focusing on securing capabilities to provide differentiated value to customers.
3.4KRW trillion
3.5KRW trillion
3.6KRW trillion
  • 2000 Started production of polarizers
  • 2003 Established IT&E Manufacturing Subsidiaryin Nanjing, China
  • 2016 Acquired GSEM,cathode material maker
  • 2019 Launched the Advanced Materials Company
Major industries
Engineering Material Engineering Material
IT Materials IT Materials
Battery Materials Battery Materials
RO Filter RO Filter
Semiconductor Materials Semiconductor Materials
Future Competitiveness
  • Next-generation display Differentiated materials for each application, including OLED TV and foldable smart phones
  • New Mobility High-efficiency cathode materials for rechargeable batteries in electric vehicles and IT devices Enhancement of interior, exterior, and parts materials for lightweight automobiles
  • Sustainability Post-consumer recycled(PCR) plastics Bio-based materials
Automobile Automobile
Smartphone Smartphone
Battery Battery