We are advancing the future with specialty materials, the culmination of our groundbreaking technologies.
With a focus on the market and customers, our specialty material products are increasingly advancing their competitive edge.
LG Chem is expeditious in our development of top quality materials for rechargeable batteries, the IT industry, and the automotive industry that are instrumental in the e-Mobility and sustainability trends. We are also focusing on capacity building to provide differentiated value to customers.
Sales :2021 ,2022 ,2023
2021 6
2022 8
2023 7.4

Unit : KRW trillion

  • 2023 Started construction of Cathode Material Plant (in Tennessee)
  • 2022 Established a chthode material joint venture with B&M, A subsidiary of Zhejian Huayou Cobalt Co., Ltd. (Gumi)
    Established a separator joint venture LG-Today
  • 2021 Commercialized the battery separator business
    (Acquired LG Electronics’ separator division and
    established LG-Toray joint venture in Hungary)
  • 2019 Launched the Advanced
    Materials Company
  • 2018 Established a joint venture production corporation in China
    (precursors and cathode materials)
  • 2016 Acquired GSEM,
    cathode material maker
  • 2006 Commercialized battery materials business
    (cathode materials and electrolytes)
  • 2003 Established IT&E Manufacturing Subsidiary
    in Nanjing, China
  • 2000 Entered the information and electronic materials market
    Developed phosphors for PDP for the first time in Korea
    Began to mass-produce LCD polarizers
Cathode Material Division Cathode Material Division
Electronic Material Business Unit Electronic Material Business Unit
Engineering Material Division Engineering Material Division
Separator Materials Seperator Material Division
Water Solution Business Unit Water Solution Business Unit
Battery Material New Business Unit Battery Material New Business Unit
Future Growth Engine
  • New mobility High-efficiency cathode materials for rechargeable batteries in electric vehicles and IT devices Interior, exterior, and parts materials for lightweight automobiles
  • Next-generation display Advanced materials for OLED TV and foldable smartphones
  • Sustainability Post-consumer recycled(PCR) plastics Bio-based materials

Towards World's Top Comprehensive Battery Materials Company

  • Global Top Tier
    Cathode Materials
  • Strengthen metal competitiveness through owning mines and strategic cooperation with smelting and refining companies
  • Develop leadership in high capacity and cost-innovative technology
  • Expand business sites worldwide
  • Global Top Tier
    Cathode Materials
    :2022 ,2028
    2022 100K tons
    2028 470K tons
  • Capacity building
    of separator business
  • Development of next-generation high-safety separators
  • Expand a global production base in Poland (2021) and Hungary (2022)
  • Upgrading the battery
    Materials portfolio
  • Expanding business in higher value-added battery materials such as CNTs, anode binders, cathode dispersants
  • Upgrading the battery
    Materials portfolio
    :2023 ,2028
    2023 1200 tons
    2028 X 10
  • Increased investment
    in R&D
  • Differentiate technology and gain market leadership
  • Increased investment
    in R&D
    :2023 ,2028
    2023 110B
    2028 X 2
Major industries
Automotive Automotive
Battery Battery
Smartphone Smartphone