Audit Committee
- Members
Ahn, Young-ho Appointed Date 2019.03.16 Term of Office 3 years
Jeong, Dong-Min Appointed Date 2020.03.20 Term of Office 3 years
Kim, Mun-Su Appointed Date 2021.03.25 Term of Office 3 years
Nomination Committee for Independent Directors
- Formation & Duties
For the formation of the Nomination Committee for Independent Directors, the number of independent directors must be at least a half of the total seats.
The Nomination Committee for Independent Directors must recommend nominees for independent directors to the BOD and the appointment of these nominees shall be confirmedthrough a general meeting of shareholders.
- Appointment Process of Independent Directors
by the Nomination Committee
Vote on the nomination of independentdirectors
Propose to the Board of Directors
Resolution by the BOD
Approve nomination
Propose the plan to the shareholders’ meeting
Resolution by the Shareholders’ Meeting
Appoint independent directors
- Members
Non-standing Director Kwon, Young Soo
Outside Director Ahn, Young-ho
Outside Director Char, Kook-heon