[EG] From Petrochemical to fiber

Polyester, one of the fabrics we frequently encounter in our lives, is a synthetic fiber widely used in various real-life applications such as clothing, bedding, and curtains.
Polyester has high strength and elasticity, which makes it less prone to wrinkles, soft yet light, and to have excellent heat retention.
This handy, easy-to-wash fabric is also resistant to pests and chemicals.

The main raw materials for polyester are PTA (Purified Terephthalic Acid) and EG (Ethylene Glycol).
PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate), produced by polymerization of the two raw materials, is the name of the polymer most commonly known as "polyester."

Among the EG produced by LG Chem, MEG (Mono Ethylene Glycol) is mostly used as the raw material for polyester.
EG is a colorless, odorless, liquid product with low viscosity and low freezing point. It is often used as the raw material for antifreeze, which prevents the automobile coolant from freezing in subzero temperatures in the winter.

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