[Fine Chemicals] Technologies that Save Crops

With the biggest Korean holiday right around the corner, the farming villages are busy harvesting.

This year, the news of the worst rainy season and typhoon damages had generated public concerns.

In hot and humid summer, in addition to the loss of produce from the rainy season and typhoons, damages by blight and pest are also serious sources of worry.

All drugs used to protect crops from pests during crop cultivation, control growth to increase yield and quality, and prevent losses from blight and pests during storage are called crop protection agents.

Crop protection agents are divided into active ingredients and formulation.

Active ingredients show practical effects as weed control, insecticide, and sterilization.

The final products used in the actual crop, including the original agent and other subsidiary materials, are called formulation.
Did you know that LG Chem also produces the active ingredients and formulation for crop protection agents?

Crop protection agents are part of the fine chemicals, a high value-added industry that uses basic chemicals produced in the petrochemical industry or raw materials obtained from nature to chemically synthesize and process products.
It is a knowledge-based industry where we have a competitive edge among global corporations.

LG Chem is continuously striving to connect our company-wide knowledge system and technologies to human life,
including food products as well as consumer goods that bring us convenience.

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