[m-PE] The way to alleviate cold and thirst


As the weather suddenly turns chilly. It's the season to turn heaters at home.

Although we can't see it, pipes are spread out like a maze under the floor we step on daily.

The indoor temperature rises from the heat generated by the circulation of hot water through these pipes on the floor.

Due to the nature of the location, cold and hot water pipes are not easy to replace until they reaches end of their life span.

That's why they need to be made of (a) highly durable material.

here are various types of pipes, and each has a different usage, advantages, and disadvantages.

Specifically, PE-RT (Polyethylene of Raised Temperature) pipe is a highly hygienic and processable, as it could also used for drinking water.

LG Chem also produces m-PE (metallocene PE), which is used as a PE-RT pipe.

m-PE is a synthetic resin manufactured by polymerizing ethylene and is a material created with LG Chem's exclusive metallocene catalyst technology. 

It has excellent resistance against high-temperature , pressure and long-term thermal stability.

Due to its excellent processability and mechanical properties, m-PE is used for various films, containers, and pipes.

Paving the way to drinkable water and warmth, LG Chem's technology is always connected in our lives.  

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