[Polymer Catalysts, Process Catalysts] Enhancing the Value of Petroleum

Catalysts play an essential role in everyday life.

Catalysts are substances that speed up or slow down other substances’ chemical reactions without changing their own properties.

A few such examples include the yeast that acts as a rising agent to change the physical property of dough or malt that ferments alcohol.

Addition to what we eat, such as bread and alcohol, catalysts also play a significant role in producing various chemical products from petroleum.

After deriving naphtha from refined oil to produce intermediate substances such as propylene and ethylene,

it is impossible to administer the chemical process that follows without a catalyst.

Without catalysts, the synthesis itself may not happen, or the reaction speed may be too slow to achieve the desired substance.

In fact, 35% of the world’s total GDP comes from products using catalysts.

We need catalysts to make plastic products as well as synthetic fibers that become clothes.

They are also necessary for the fuel that allows us to drive on the road; As it is the catalysts that turn crude oil into gasoline and diesel.

At LG Chem, catalysts are the key technology component in our petrochemical processing.


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