[PS, PP] Have a drink outside the store

In today's world, many of us start our day with coffee.

Statistics from 2018 show that an average office worker in Korea consumed 353 cups of coffee throughout the year.

This is about 2.7 times higher than the average global consumption of 132 cups.

While many people drink coffee in reusable cups,
now that takeaway coffee has become the norm, it's common to use personal tumblers or disposable plastic cups.

On top of the disposable cup lid, you can find a label that indicates the material of the lid.
It's either PS (polystyrene) or PP (polypropylene).

Because PS is less expensive than PP and is easier to process, it is widely used to make cup lids.

Although PP has less processibility than PS, it has a higher heat resistance of over 120 degrees.
Thus, PP is used to make lunch box containers sold at convenience stores.

The materials found in your daily life made by LG Chem are all the more interesting as you get to learn about them.