[RO Filter] The Technology of Making Clean Water

In Korean, the expression "use as abundantly as water" means to use something without moderation.
But water is no longer a resource to be used as profusely.

Due climate change, there is lack of water supply, and the growth and industrialization of developing countries
are increasing the demand for water.

Because humans cannot live without water, procuring drinking water is a matter of survival.

This has led to the development of various water purifying technologies and water treatment technologies that turn seawater into fresh water.

LG Chem's seawater desalination and industrial RO filter (Reverse Osmosis Membrane) is our original
water treatment filter with TFN (Thin-Film Nanocomposite).

The RO membrane uses reverse osmosis,
which blocks out all pollutants through water pressure when dirty water reaches the RO membrane.

As a result, only purified water passes through the ultrafine filter.

LG Chem's seawater desalination filter is the global market leader with an unparalleled removal rate of 99.89%. O

ur industrial filters are recognized for their excellent performance in major industrial, commercial,

and public water treatment facilities in various countries.