[NPG] Protecting the surface of the car wheels

Many cars are equipped with wheels of different shapes and styles.

In addition to the functional role of the wheel, the design is becoming important,

because the design of the wheel can have a significant impact on the overall image of a car.

Wheels are generally divided into steel wheels and aluminum (alloy) wheels, depending on the material.

In particular, aluminum wheels are resistant to rust and corrosion, lighter than steel, and easier to process,

allowing the applications of more stylish designs.

To protect the surface of these aluminum wheels and add aesthetic value, paint is applied to the wheels.

The powder coating method is mainly used, which sprays powder paint and treats with heat.

Powder paint is powder-type paint that does not contain diluents such as solvents and water.

Because it does not contain volatile organic solvents, it has become popular as eco-friendly paint.

Neopentyl glycol (NPG) is used as a raw material for powder coatings.

Through an originally developed process,

LG Chem produces and supplies highly pure products that serve as the raw materials for unsaturated resins, urethane resin, and alkyd resins.