[CNT] Coating colorful armor on cars

On the streets, you can spot cars in various colors.
Each driver expresses their individuality with colors such white, black, gray, red, and blue.

Painting a car is called "coating."
Coating not only gives aesthetic effects but also prevents corrosion and external contamination of the car.

How are cars coated?

After completing the assembly of all the parts in an automobile factory, the body undergoes a cleaning process and is then "electrostatically coated."

Electrostatic coating is a coating method mainly used for metals and certain types of plastics.

The method charges automobile parts such as bumpers and rearview mirrors positively and paint particles negatively, then sprays the paint solution over the car.

When CNT is mixed with the car's engineering plastic materials that are electrostatically coated, the paint rarely comes off the body and is applied evenly without wasting paint due to electrical conductivity.

LG Chem will lead the global market with high-quality CNT materials such as exterior materials for electrostatic coating.