[KEYFLEX BT] Protecting the Earth with Eco-Friendly Vehicle Materials

It has been widely considered that "the heavier the material, the stronger it is."

However, with the advancement in the material industry, new materials that are light yet strong are being developed.

The world-famous automakers are trying to reduce the weight of their cars as much as possible, concentrating their energy on developing technologies that can lighten vehicle weight.

This is because the heavier the vehicle, the more fuel it consumes.

Materials that make up the car are critical to producing lighter cars.

Automobiles are made of iron, non-ferrous metals, resin, and rubber.

Recently, thermoplastic elastomers such as KEYFLEX BT with properties of both rubber and plastic have been developed.

They replace metals and non-ferrous metals and are used widely as interior and exterior materials for automobiles.

They are used to produce airbag covers, dust covers, constant velocity joint boots, and air ducts.

Thermoplastic elastomers like KEYFLEX BT play a big role in reducing the weight of automobiles by replacing metals and are also eco-friendly as they emit less toxic gases such as dioxins during incineration.

LG Chem is producing thermoplastic elastomers with excellent quality since launching the KEYFLEX BT plant in Daesan in 2020, which produces 20,000 tons per year.

We will continue to create a sustainable future by developing eco-friendly and high-value-added materials.