[CCL/PPG] Delivering 5G signals from semiconductor chips for communication

Semiconductors for communication are one of the keys to implementing 5G technology.

They are a type of system semiconductors used for processing signals.

The semiconductor manufacturing process is divided into front-end and back-end processes.

The packaging process in the back-end allows semiconductor chips to function properly.

One of the purposes of semiconductor packaging is connecting the signal between the semiconductor chip and the main PCB.

The circuit board serves as the container to which the semiconductor chip is attached,

and the channel for the transmission of electrical signals between the chip and the main PCB.

For the semiconductor packaging circuit board, copper clad laminate (CCL) is often used,

which is made of coating both sides of PPG (pre-impregnated material) with copper foil.

PPG is made by combining resin with glass fiber and hardening them. It can also work as a bonding sheet in the lamination process

depending on the degree of hardening.


CCL and PPG are key materials in semiconductor IC packages.

They play a role in making smaller and thinner semiconductor products based on the excellent electrical properties and reliability.