[Acrylates] Repairing cracks in walls

On windows and bathtubs, you can spot how silicone is applied along the edges.

The exact name of this product is "sealant." It is a material that fills joints and seams to attach buildings' parts and increase the durability of construction.

Depending on the purpose and material, there are different types of sealants.

In particular, acrylic sealants are used for repairing cracks in walls inside and outside buildings.

It has excellent airtightness and adhesion, but the main feature is that the surface can be painted after application.

Moreover, it has the advantage of being odorless, because it hardens as moisture is evaporated.

Such acrylic sealants are made from acrylates as the main ingredient. Acrylates are the raw materials for acrylic, fiber, and paint.