[LDPE] Adding a breath of freshness with artificial turf


Just by watching, a vast field of green grass makes us feel good.

This is because the freshness of the grass makes the natural landscape even more appealing.

For this reason, the grass is often installed for landscape purposes in gardens and parks.

At sports facilities and areas like soccer fields and tennis courts, it can also be used to prevent injuries.

There are natural and artificial grass. Artificial turf is great because it stays green regardless of the season and is well-drained.

It is installed in various places, including landscapes, leisure, and sports facilities.

The grass part of artificial turf is made of synthetic resin, particularly the LDPE (low-density polyethylene) material.

The advantage of artificial turf using LDPE is that it is fluffy and soft to the touch, giving it a natural turf feel.

Low-density polyethylene is a synthetic resin manufactured by polymerizing ethylene.

It is a general-purpose plastic that is commonly used in daily products that has excellent processability, flexibility, and transparency.

It is used as the raw material for making transparent packaging film, cable sheathes, and various wrapping products.