[LUPOS] Outdoor fan releases heat

The use of air conditioning has surged due to record heat and tropical nights.

The air conditioning unit largely consists of indoor and outdoor units.

The indoor unit is responsible for cooling the interior space, and the outdoor unit is responsible for releasing hot air outside.

The two units must work together to ensure that the air conditioning is fully functional.

Just by checking that fans are turning in the outdoor unit, you can see the air conditioning is running.

A constantly running outdoor fan is responsible for directing hot air outside.

Because it is exposed to the external environment and hot heat, the material is prone to deformation.

This can also cause noise as the fan is operated.

In other words, the outdoor fan material must have dimensional stability that does not deform due to light or

humidity of the external environment and requires resistance to high temperatures.

Thus, it is made of high-performance engineering plastics (EP).

LUPOS products made by LG Chem are used as the material for fans inside air conditioning outdoor units.

LUPOS is an engineering plastic produced by compounding glass fiber to styrene-type resins ABS and SAN,

which significantly enhanced the mechanical properties and increased heat deflection temperature.