[EVA] Lightweight and durable raincoat

It's troublesome when you suddenly run into rain during outdoor activities.

In this case, we recommend wearing a raincoat.

While it prevents your body from getting wet, you have two free hands to do whatever you want in the rain.

Perhaps that's why children who find it hard to hold an umbrella and the people who need to work in the rain often wear raincoats.

There are various kinds of raincoats depending on the material and the purpose of use.

Raincoats made of EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) are lightweight, easy to carry, and durable for multiple reuse.

◆ EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate)

EVA is an copolymer of ethylene and VA (vinyl acetate), and its elasticity, heat bonding temperature,

durability, and permeability varies depending on the VA content. I

t has applications a wide variety of fields such as high-value solar sheets, shoe soles, life and jackets.

LG Chem has strengthened product competitiveness since it started producing EVA in late 2013.