[PVC] Staying fit with gym balls

In recent years, "home fitness" has been gaining significant traction to avoid fine and yellow dust.

It refers to working out at home instead of in the gym. You can exercise without restrictions on time and place, and it is economical because it doesn't necessarily incur costs.

While you can work out by yourself, many use exercise gear to enhance the effect.

The elastic and round gym ball is a popular item among home fitness enthusiasts,

because you can do a variety of activities such as stretching, correcting posture, and strengthening muscles.

Gym balls are made of a material called PVC (polyvinyl chloride).

PVC is one of the most widely used general-purpose thermoplastics that can have different properties

depending on the type of additives formulated in the processing.

The hardness and durability can be adjusted to meet the desired effects.

This is why it has wide applications, from building materials like windows and pipes to household goods such as tubes and play mats.