[EVA] Making life jackets float in the water

With the upcoming heat wave, many vacationers will be planning to enjoy water activities.

To have fun safely without accidents, you must understand the safety principles and make sure to wear safety gear such as life jackets.

The life jacket allows the wearer's head and torso to stay afloat in the water even if the feet do not reach the bottom, which helps prevent accidents.

The life jacket worn during water leisure activities uses its own buoyancy (the force allowing objects to float in water or air,

from buoyant foam material placed in the middle of the jacket's fabric.

Out of many types of buoyant materials, ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) is mostly used in high-value products.

Because it is lightweight, durable, and flexible, the material is excellent for activities.

◆ EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate)

EVA is an copolymer of ethylene and VA (vinyl acetate), and its elasticity, heat bonding temperature, durability, and permeability varies

depending on the VA content. It has applications a wide variety of fields such as high-value solar sheets, shoe soles, life and jackets.

LG Chem has strengthened product competitiveness since it started producing EVA in late 2013.