[OLED materials] Enjoy Virtual Reality (VR) with fast response speed

VR* technology is being widely utilized in areas such as games, simulations, and education.
Virtual reality refers to a cutting-edge technology that allows users to experience real life through their senses in a virtual space created with artificial technology.

To immerse yourself in this virtual reality, you need a VR device. Recently, the head-mounted display is rapidly becoming popular due to the high immersive experience. It allows users to focus solely on the screen inside the VR device, enabling an enhanced sense of immersion in virtual reality.

In creating a realistic screen as much as possible, the display plays a critical role.

The fast response speed and clear resolution of the OLED display help improve the performance of the VR device.

The key material that gives OLED such advantages is the OLED diode.

It has a multi-layer structure that is largely divided into common layers and emission material layers.

LG Chem produces the materials for common layer of OLED diodes, including HIL, HTL, EML, and ETL, and we are securing product competitiveness through continuous research and development.

* VR : Virtual Reality