[LUSEP] Withstanding the hot blow of hair dryers

A hair dryer is an essential item for quickly drying your hair every day and creating a fancy hairstyle.

It's one of the products that we use almost every day. Hair dryers blow very hot air that can burn you when used closely to the scalp.

When you look at the exterior of the dryer, the body, handle, and most parts are made of plastic.

The plastics used here are not ordinary plastics, functional plastics that can withstand hot temperature.

In particular, the nozzle, which collects air at the mouth of the dryer,

require physical properties that do not deform in high heat because it is constantly exposed to hot air.

That is why highly functional plastics with high heat resistance and strength are used for hair dryers.

At LG Chem, this material is produced under the name LUSEP.