[LUPOL] Airbags to protect you safely

When you sit in the driver's seat, you can see the word "airbag" in the middle of the steering wheel.

The airbag is an auxiliary safety device used in conjunction with the seat belt,

which quickly expands in the event of a collision, preventing passengers from bumping to internal structures.

The cover that wraps the airbag should open quickly within a short period, without any debris that could cause injury to the passenger.

For airbag covers to operate trouble-free in case of collision, it must have highly functional properties,

such as having impact strength that doesn't break even at extremely low temperatures, zero deformation and peeling at high temperatures.

During regular driving, it needs to cover the airbag cushions and have a flexible surface because it also serves as a decorative element.

For this reason, highly functional engineering plastics are instead of conventional plastics.

Based on PP, the material is created by compounding TPO (thermoplastic olefinic elastomer).

LG Chem is producing it under the brand LUPOL.