[Acrylates] For a luxurious kitchen decor

The meaning of kitchen space is changing over time.

Previously, if it was just a place for cooking meals, it is becoming a sentimental place where we make delicious food and share joy.

It may be an influence of cooking shows or because the lifestyle has changed so much from before.

With the kitchen gradually becoming an important living space in the house, many people started to care about its interior design.

In particular, artificial marble is one of the most preferred materials for the kitchen decor.

It features a variety of patterns and colors for a diverse selection of styles, while exuding luxurious sensibilities of real marbles.

Its advantages include durability and high pollution resistance, which makes it easy to manage.

These artificial marble are made from mixing synthetic minerals (stones, sand) with resin, and the resin mainly used here is acrylates.

Acrylate is a material used as a raw material for acrylic, fiber, and paint.