[ABS] Use the keyboard to type on your smartphone

PCs, laptops, and smartphones are digital devices that we commonly use. An input device is required to use these.

The most familiar and popular one is the keyboard.

PCs and laptops are configured with a physical keyboard, while smartphones have built-in virtual keyboards on the screen.

Recently, due to the spread of mobile messengers, many users are turning to conventional keyboards to enter text on their phones.

The keyboard for smartphones is compact and portable, attracting more and more users as it can connect it wirelessly via Bluetooth.

The most common material used to create these keyboards is the plastic called acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene.

It is characterized by excellent processability and can be molded into various shapes. ABS is a type of synthetic resin,

a high-functional plastic with excellent heat resistance, impact resistance, and electrical properties.

It has great processibility for molding into different shapes and can be produced into a wide variety of colors.

That is why it is used to make many different products, such as block toys, cars, home appliances, and IT devices.