[BPA] For better durability of indoor parking spaces

More than ever, drivers are looking for places to park their cars. Perhaps that is people seem to prefer locations with a large and convenient parking lot.

Depending on the location, parking lots may be outdoors or indoors.

The indoor car park is directly connected to the building, making it easy to move and protect your car from snow and rain.

In general, the surface of the floor is slightly shiny and coated in indoor parking lots.

This is because the coating is applied to the floor surface to prevent slipping and reduce the generation of dust.

The material used to coat the floor parking lots is epoxy resin, which has high wear resistance.

It is not only used for parking lots, but also used inside buildings for interior design and durability.

The raw material of epoxy resin is bisphenol A.

BPA is a white crystalline substance produced by the condensation of phenol and acetone, used as the raw material for polycarbonate resin and epoxy resin.