[NPG] Longer-lasting lovely colors

The act of clothing the surface of objects began since the primitive times of humanity and paints made by mixing pigments with natural resins, lacquer, and animal proteins were used for coloring.

Paints hardly affect the shape or weight of objects and can attach easily to the surface, thus protecting the object from scratches and debris.

NPG (NeoPentylGlycol) is used in powder paint, PET bottle films, coating materials, etc., and because of its outstanding polishing, chemical-resistance making it strong against chemicals, and weatherproof against the natural environment such as sunlight, temperature, humidity and rain, it is an essential material for coating such as in construction and household appliances.

In particular, it is an eco-friendly product that does not generate VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), and therefore, it is expected that there will be a continuous growth in demand for the age of ESG.

LG Chem went above and beyond NPG materials made with chemical materials, successfully developing bio-balanced NPG materials.

Bio-balanced NPG refers to NPG materials produced by partially using bio-renewable feedstock, which is a renewable feedstock extracted from renewable plant-based oils.

The bio-balanced NPG produced by LG Chem acquired the international certification, ISCC+ that proves the sustainability of eco-friendly bio products.

LG Chem will continue its research to replace chemicals-based raw materials with renewable eco-friendly materials.