[BR] Must-have for hiking in the fall! Non-slip hiking shoes

As we see the color of the leaves on the trees lining the streets begin to fade, we can feel autumn coming into full season.
There is a must-have item to prepare before heading for the mountains to enjoy the beautiful fall foliage all around the nation; they are hiking shoes.

Do you know the secret to choosing comfortable hiking shoes?

First, you should choose shoes that are big enough to fit your pinky finger in your heel.
This will keep your feet comfortable even after long hikes when your feet begin to swell.

The next thing to check is the outsole of your hiking shoes.
The outsole is the part of the sole that touches the ground, and it is produced with various materials such as rubber, urethane, leather, etc. depending on the type of shoes.

Hiking shoes first appeared in the 1920s and the outsoles were made with leather.

Leather materials are light and flexible, but it is hard to take care of because it wears out easily and it deteriorates when coming into contact with water.

Furthermore, it has almost zero grip and therefore, hiking with shoes having leather outsoles often cause slipping accidents.
The outsole must be manufactured with rubber having outstanding grip and wear-proof to build hiking shoes that do not slip easily and are sturdy.

BR (Butadiene Rubber), which is a type of synthetic rubber, is a product synthesized by adding a catalyst to butadiene, and compared to general rubber, it has better grip and wear-proof, and is thus commonly used for outsoles of hiking shoes and gym shoes.

LG Chem produces BR raw materials and supplies it to shoe makers.
LG Chem is by your side for your safe hikes in the fall season.