[MBS] Why it is safe even if pills roll around inside a pouch

Medicine that quickly alleviates our discomforts. You probably have a few pills inside your bag or pouch as they can be conveniently separated one at a time along the dotted lines. The pills are safe from breaking even if they are mixed in with other items and roll around inside a pouch. MBS is what makes this possible.

The transparent part of the packaging for pills that can be commonly seen is a plastic called PVC. The impact reinforcing material added to supplement the issue with plastics that break easily is called MBS (Methyl Methacrylate Butadiene Styrene).

MBS, which is a modifying agent that improves the performance of plastic, is a material in powder form, and it has ductility like rubber, therefore, it improves strength against impact by absorbing or dispersing (diffusing) external fracture energy.

The secret behind this is the structure of MBS. The core, which is a rubber ball in the center of MBS, absorbs the impact. Isn’t it surprising that by adding a spoonful of MBS in the plastic manufacturing process, it becomes a plastic that does not break easily?

MBS is the secret to pill packaging material that does not break, and LG Chem’s technologies can be found inside safe pills free from deterioration.