[LUMILOY ] High-performance plastic for transporting clean water

The same material is applied to water treatment devices such as hot water boilers, water purifiers, and water softeners. It is a high-performance engineering plastic called lumiloy. Lumiloy is an alloy with an mPPE (modified polyphenylene ether) or PPO (polyphenylene oxide) base, combined with HIPS(High Impact Polystyrene), PA (polyamide), and other resins. 

It has excellent moldability, heat resistance, and hydrolysis resistance, a property that reduces decomposition caused by moisture at high temperatures. Thanks to these properties, lumiloy is used to make parts for water pumps, hot water tanks, water softeners, and boilers that are hot and humid or in direct contact with water. It has outstanding dimensional stability, or the ability of polymers to maintain their original size. These qualities are also perfect for producing television housings and battery packs. 

As you can see, LG Chem's technology is part of water pumps that transport clean water.