[PCR-ABS] Enjoy Golf with Sustainable Tees

When you're playing golf, you need tees for tee shots using a driver or wood. But since they break easily, they are consumables that must be replaced often. How could we make them more sustainable? 

The answer is LG Chem's PCR-ABS (post-consumer recycled acrylonitrile butadiene styrene). PCR-ABS is a recycled plastic created by sorting, cleaning, and recovering ABS materials from recycling discarded household appliances. It's a big relief for the Earth because using waste plastics as raw materials reduces plastic incineration. 

LG Chem's PCR-ABS has excellent physical properties even after multiple extrusions and is comparable to conventional ABS products in terms of thermal stability and chemical resistance. Also, it is a high-value-added material with wide applications beyond golf tees, such as electronics, automotive interior and exterior materials, and building materials.

At LG Chem, we connect science to every nook and cranny of life for a better future.