[PCR PC] Trending Now! Eco-friendly Speckle Patterns

These attractive subtle pebble patterns on a solid color base, well-known patterns used widely in Korean snack bar dishes, are called speckle patterns. A speckle pattern has an eco-friendly look because it appears to be generated by mixing various materials. The pattern is a popular pattern used not only in dishes but also in mobile phone cases, home appliances like keyboards and mice, and even shoe soles.

It looks like the dots come from combining various materials, but the speckle pattern is actually a specially developed color of LG Chem designed to give aesthetic effects to plastics products. Generally, painting is performed after product extrusion to add design patterns to plastic products, but in the case of the speckled color, the material itself has design effects and therefore does not require painting. This speckle pattern has an eco-friendly ambience and reduces substances harmful to the environment that can occur during the painting process while reducing carbon emissions. LG Chem applies the speckle pattern to PCR PC and PCR ABS products.

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