[OLED Materials] OLED TV

OLED TV is at the center of the highly competitive premium TV market.

Unlike LCD TV, an OLED TV uses OLED elements, which produce light without the backlight panel. OLED TV can realize ultra-fine picture quality and produce colors comparable to the natural colors. Also, it can provide the same color quality at any viewing angle.

The OLED element has high design flexibility, making it possible to produce transparent or flexible display panels. This is why OLED TV is very popular as a future display panel.

At the center of the OLED TV that requires cutting-edge technologies is the OLED element that produces light. An OLED element is composed of several layers, which are largely divided into a common layer and a light-emitting layer. LG Chem produces HIL, HTL, and ETL, which are the materials for the common layer, as well as EML, which is the material for the light-emitting layer. LG Chem has performed continuous research and development to secure product competitiveness.