[Plasticizers] Softening Wires

Electricity is a very important energy and it is difficult to find places that do not require electricity.

We experience great inconvenience when a blackout lasts even for a short period.

It is not an exaggeration to say that most of the products you can find in your area are electronic products such as mobile devices, home appliances, and audio equipment.

There is one feature that is common to all these products despite their different shapes.

It is that wires are connected to the products. Even a wireless product requires a plug with wires to charge it.

The wire serves to deliver electricity to the products and is covered with an insulator so that electricity does not leak out of the wire for safety reasons.

The material used for this insulator is PVC, and adding a small amount of "plasticizer" to PVC improves the elasticity and flexibility of the material, allowing the wire to be bent easily. This makes it easier to use and store the wires.