[LUPOX] Withstanding the Heat Generated by a Headlight

When choosing a car, its design is a very important criterion.
There are many factors that determine the design of a car, but its headlight plays a big role in determining the first impression of a car.
This is because the headlights, called the car's eyes, are placed on the front, completing the car's unique style. A unique headlight design represents the image of a particular vehicle.

A headlight also plays an important role in terms of its function. It illuminates the front of the vehicle to secure the driver's view, and informs other vehicles and pedestrians of the presence of the vehicle. A headlight is composed of several parts. A bezel is the edge of the headlight and distributes the light to the surroundings.
The material used in this bezel must be able to withstand the strong heat emitted by the headlight and require high performance such as high impact strength and high gloss.
Therefore, high-performance engineering plastics superior to ordinary plastics are used for the bezel. One of such engineering plastics is an alloy made by using polybutyleneterephthalate (PBT) as the base material and adding other materials to the PBT. It is produced under the name of LUPOX by LG Chem.