[BPA] Improving Durability of Indoor Parking Lots

With the ever-increasing number of vehicles, parking difficulties seem to only worsen.
Maybe that is why people are so interested in parking spaces. And that is also probably why people increasingly prefer places that have spacious and convenient parking lots.
Although there are many types of parking lots, they can be largely categorized into outdoor or indoor ones depending on their location.

Indoor parking lots are more convenient because they are directly connected to the building which makes it easy to move in between and protect vehicles from snow and rain.
Generally, when using an indoor parking lot, we can see that its floor surfaces are coated with shiny materials. That is because the surfaces are coated to prevent slipperiness and reduce dust. The material used for coating the floor of the parking lot is epoxy resin, and its excellent wear-resistance increases the durability of floors. Epoxy resin is also frequently used as a finishing material for indoor floors. BPA (Bisphenol A) is a main ingredient of epoxy resin.
BPA is a white-colored crystal that is created through condensation of phenol and acetone. It is used as a raw material for polycarbonate and epoxy resins.