We confirm the status-quo of the plant remains completely controlled by all measures. We have begun the transportation of the Styrene Monomer (SM) inventory within the plant as well as in the styrene tanks at the port by vessels to South Korea to prevent and eliminate all risks factors.

Our team of technical experts from Seoul headquarters have arrived at LG Polymers India Plant. The team of production, environment, and safety experts are currently investigating the cause of the incident and already supporting responsible rehabilitation which is their main objective.

Furthermore, the team is working closely with related authorities to analyze the cause of the incident, prevent a recurrence, and support damage recovery in a prompt and expedient manner.

While identifying the extent of the damage, LG Polymers India has identified comprehensive support measures to solve the situation quickly and responsibly.

A special task force is currently supporting the bereaved victims and families and visiting them at the hospitals and their homes. Food and medical services have been organized for the returning residents. Various support activities such as supplying medical and household goods and sanitation of homes will be continued.

The process for executing a comprehensive care package for recovery are as follows.

1.  Continue to work with government agencies to ensure all possible support for bereaved families and victims.

2.  SURAKSHA HOSPITAL has been commissioned and will take care of all residents’ health checkups and future treatment.

3.  A HELPLINE NUMBER for the villagers has been set up – 08912520884 and 08912520338 and we are already responding to queries.

    We have also simultaneously set up a DIRECT EMAIL - lgpicsr@lgchem.com for any queries the villagers may have.

4.  We will soon set up specialized institutions to conduct surveys on health and environmental impacts and disclose the results transparently.

5.  Our teams will carry out mid-to-long-term Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) projects that can contribute to the local community based on suggestions of the residents.

We assure everyone we will do our best to resolve the situation and prevent any incident in the future.