LG Chem Conducts On-tact Environment/Science Education Social Contribution Activities
LG Chem Conducts On-tact Environment/Science Education Social Contribution Activities

LG Chem Conducts On-tact Environment/Science Education Social Contribution Activities

■ Beginning ‘LIKE GREEN’, a contact-free environment/science education program for adolescents

■ Recruiting 20 college mentors highly interested in the environment, education volunteering, and videos by the 23rd

■ Benefits such as improving video production and education capacities through lectures by trained experts, activity expense support, etc.

LG Chem will kick off distinguished on-tact social contribution activities called ‘LIKE GREEN’ to educate youths and lead a culture of sharing together with Food for the Hungry International and Donga Science.

‘On-tact’ is concept that combines ‘untact’, meaning contact-free or non-face-to-face, and ‘on’ by being online, and it refers to the method of actively interacting online.

‘LIKE GREEN’ is an on-tact social contribution activity that is being newly started as COVID-19 prolongs. This program aims at raising interest in the environment through team activities with collegiate mentors and to provide support so that adolescents can grow properly through concerns and consensus on career paths and academics.   

Regarding this, LG Chem announced that it would be recruiting college mentors that will be leaders of ‘LIKE GREEN’ from the 3rd. The recruitment period will last until the 23rd and any college student in Korea who is interested in the environment, science or education-related volunteering can apply for this program.

Video production creativity and proactiveness, etc. are important for these educational activities, and therefore, applicants must produce video contents under the theme of G.R.E.E.N. (Global warming / Recycling / Energy / Ecosystem / Next-generation technology), and post the video on their personal social media account with tags such as ‘LG Chem’ and ‘LIKEGREEN’ and write down the link on the application form.

Applications can be submitted by producing two-minute videos on sharing scientific knowledge, environmental practices in everyday life, etc. without any limitations on the format or genre and can include one-person broadcasts, web dramas, commercials, music videos, animation, etc.

LG Chem plans to make comprehensive assessments on sincerity for environmental and educational volunteering through reviews on the videos and applications that were submitted to select a total of 20 collegiate mentors, and plans to select outstanding videos and give awards.

Details for this program are available on the official website (www.likegreen.kr).

The college mentors will receive the opportunity to enhance their capacities in videos and environmental education through coaching with experts. A total of four programs such as science/environment lecture skill and video production knowhow will be carried out through expert instructors throughout the month of December.

In the future, the college mentors will make teams with adolescents for four months to carry out online mentoring and environmental education, etc. They will be given opportunities to plan out large-scale online lecture concerts, environmental/science festivals, etc., and it is expected that capacities will be further enhanced in the mentors’ fields of interest. In addition, they will be given benefits such as being provided with activity expenses, support for online educational activity devices, volunteer time certification, etc. 

Park Jun Sung (Vice President / Department Leader, Corporate Affairs Department) said, “We prepared the distinguished on-tact social contribution activity, ‘LIKE GREEN’ to lead a culture of education and sharing as a global chemical company in today’s circumstances where face-to-face social contribution activities are difficult to conduct,” and added, “We plan to foster talented college students and adolescents who love the environment, while also actively contributing to lessening the youth education gaps that have worsened due to COVID-19.”