LG Chem hosts online “Green Concert” for youths
LG Chem hosts online “Green Concert” for youths
LG Chem hosts online “Green Concert” for youths

LG Chem hosts online “Green Concert” for youths

■ Hosted via online streaming until February 19th
    - Anyone can participate freely through the website or the YouTube channel

■ Participation by 100 youths and 20 university student mentors, with presentations on environment related topics

    - 5 topics including global warming, recycling, energy, eco system, and next-generation technology


LG Chem is taking actions to inform youths the importance of sustainable environment.

In this regard, LG Chem will be hosting an online science concert called “Green Concert” until the 19th, together with the organization Korea Food for the Hungry International.

“Green Concert” is an environmental concert taking place online, in which 100 environmental guard youths and 20 university student mentors who participated in LG Chem’s “Like Green” online mentoring program since the start of the year present what they have learned and achieved through the program. * Like Green: Meaning ‘friends who loves the green earth’, this program is an on-tact social contribution activity to foster youths who are interested in science and environment into global leaders in the environment field, together with the university student mentors.

To symbolize the green earth, the initials G.R.E.E.N. was used to refer to: ▲ Global Warming ▲ Recycling ▲ Energy ▲ Eco system ▲ Next-generation Technology. Primary and middle school students are divided into teams to hold a total of 10 lectures on these 5 topics.

Presentations will cover the following: ▲ In global warming, introduction of how carbon dioxide can be converted into useful resources ▲ In recycling, artwork is produced through recycling ▲ In energy, methods of making electric energy from natural energy is presented ▲ In eco system, the effect of new viruses on the eco system ▲ In next-generation technology, methods to protect the environment using new materials and artificial intelligence.

The “Green Concert” is run by the university student mentors, and youth mentees participate through the online panel. Anyone can participate freely through the campaign website (http://www.likegreen.kr) or via the YouTube channel.

Jun Sung Park, Senior Vice President and Leader of Corporate Affairs Group at LG Chem, stated “ I hope that youths can raise their interest in the environment through the “Green Concert” and develop their dreams and hopes as future leaders in the field of environment,"

“We will continue to carry out various social contribution activities for the youth in the future, and fulfill our social responsibility as a global chemical company.”