LG Chem Unveils CO2-Based Plastic at the World’s Largest Beauty Expo

LG Chem Unveils CO2-Based Plastic at the World’s Largest Beauty Expo

■ Showcases cosmetic containers made with next-generation innovative material, PEC, produced from carbon dioxide

■ Developed proprietary catalysts as a core material, achieving the highest productivity among existing CO2 plastics

LG Chem aims to pioneer the plastic market with products made from carbon dioxide.

LG Chem announced on the 20th that it will exhibit eco-friendly plastic materials made from carbon dioxide at Cosmoprof Bologna 2024, held on the 21st in Bologna, Italy, to secure customers.

The Cosmoprof exhibition is the world’s largest beauty industry expo, with participation from approximately 3,000 cosmetic companies, showcasing materials, packaging, ODM, and brands within the beauty industry.

LG Chem is set to unveil cosmetic containers made from ‘Poly Ethylene Carbonate (PEC),’ a next-generation eco-friendly material produced from carbon dioxide, in collaboration with its eco-friendly partner, COSMAX, at the EcoZone.

PEC is an innovative, eco-friendly plastic made using carbon dioxide captured from factories and ethylene oxide. It represents a significant step forward in sustainable materials.

LG Chem has independently developed catalysts and process technologies essential for converting carbon dioxide into plastic, achieving the highest productivity among existing CO2-based plastics.

PEC is primarily used for cosmetic containers and food packaging materials. It can also be mixed with other plastic products to create a wide range of applications, from flexible films to sturdy cases.

Especially in the cosmetics industry, there is a growing movement towards switching to eco-friendly containers. In fact, with the introduction of environmental regulations such as the EU’s Carbon Border Tax, many global cosmetic companies have announced plans to increase their use of recycled plastics and attach a carbon footprint* to their products by 2030.

*Carbon Footprint: An indicator that represents the total amount of greenhouse gases (carbon dioxide) emitted during the production and consumption of a product.

An LG Chem official stated, “Based on the next-generation material PEC, created from captured carbon dioxide, we plan to strengthen partnerships with cosmetic clients and contribute to the prevention of global warming.”