LG Chem Enters the Automotive Switchable Film Market

LG Chem Enters the Automotive Switchable Film Market

Successfully Developed SGF for Smart Sunroof, Expanding into the e-Mobility Materials Business

LG Chem enters the automotive switchable glazing film market to expand its business in e-mobility materials.

On April 29th, LG Chem announced that it had successfully developed SGF (Switchable Glazing Film) and signed a nomination agreement with Webasto the German based company, which is the global market leader for sunroof systems. LG Chem plans to supply SGF films to Webasto. The Top 100 automotive supplier will use SGF films to build roof systems with integrated high-tech glass which will be installed in European OEMs. SGF film business is expected to generate hundreds of billions of won in revenue over the next few years.

SGF is a film that can control the amount of light and heat passing through by responding to electrical signals. Primarily used in automotive sunroof glass, SGF is characterized by its opacity under normal conditions, but it becomes transparent when voltage is applied.

Applying SGF to the sunroof makes it possible to differentiate the interior design. Drivers can divide the sunroof into different zones, choosing between transparent and opaque, and can freely customize specific areas to be transparent according to their preferences. With SGF it´s possible to offer a privacy on demand function to the end customer. With the customized segmentation designs LG can offer different entertainment effects based on customer requirements. With the increasing adoption of premium vehicles and electric cars, SGF is expected to form trillions of won market within the next few years

LG Chem has accumulated over 200 SGF-related patents globally through its liquid crystals, adhesive materials, precision coating and pattern formation technology expertise in the existing electronics materials business such as OLED displays and semiconductors. LG Chem’s SGF is recognized for its reduced light dispersion and a clear view from any direction.

LG Chem has manufacturing facilities for SGF that can be applied up to 3 million automobiles annually. In the future, LG Chem aims to develop next-generation products with clear black and faster response speed, and to expand the application of SGF to windshields and side windows.

In addition to SGF, LG Chem plans to continue exploring various high-value-added materials for the display industry, such as transparent antenna films and adhesives for the automotive industry.

Hak Cheol Shin, CEO of LG Chem, stated, "Based on our technological expertise in the electronics materials such as OLED displays and semiconductors, we will foster the mobility materials business, a future growth area, and create new customer value."